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The magic of CAMP

June 12, 2017

This post will be an ode to the great little adventure called The Unique CAMP. I can't really describe it enough to do it justice, but I'm going to do my best.


The first CAMP I went to in 2015, I was pretty new to LA and really new to being an adult. I technically had been one for years but going to work on a cruise ship after college helped delay it a bit. I decided to go to this creative conference in the mountains and find out who I was supposed to be and what in the world I should do. 

The cliff notes version of that first experience was I came as a blank slate and left with actual professional contacts, and friends, and inspiration. I've gone back every CAMP since.


This past CAMP Spring of 2017 was the last. I had the honor of being a CAMP counselor, which at an adult camp/business conference just means you get to lead a group of beyond talented people around the activities and steal (collect safely) all of their cell phones for the digital detox.


 Once everyone is officially off the grid, we go around the camp and do an epic scavenger hunt. It's crazy how disconnecting from the safety blankets of our cell phones and acting like a kid  can change your entire experience so quickly. The end of the first day team activities each cabin performs a cheer. Our cabin, Spruce,  rewrote the lyrics to "No Diggity" also included baton twirling, which I was fully obsessed with.



After all of our inhibitions have been stripped away, it's incredibly easy to go talk to the creators who are at this CAMP with you. The same people you might be too intimidated to talk to at a typical conference, you just watched dance around with paint on their face. So quite literally all the social norms have been taken away so introducing yourself and talking about career goals is easy.


The classes that take place on Day 2 and 3 were short in time but so incredibly long lasting in the minds of everyone that took them. The business focused classes ranged from Sales for people who hate Sales, Leveraging LinkedIn, and Google X Moonshot project where you could get in depth information from the actual experts who live and breathe these topics. With each one of these classes I realized how valuable it is to be an active learner, instead of halting everything once you've received your degree.  


Then the creative classes that will make you cry in front of complete strangers are Storytelling, Creating a movie in 90 min, and a movement class.  Each experience was completely different, but if you allowed yourself to buy into it, are life changing. 


There's one part that was my favorite of each CAMP I went to, and it was the Star Guide with Kevin. Actually just seeing the stars that vividly will create so much emotion, but when Kevin, who is an Astronomer, adds his knowledge and pure love for the people and world around him there isn't a dry eye on that field under the stars. 


The energy of everyone leaving CAMP the last day was magnetic. It would be easy to believe we had all been lifelong friends. With it being the last time, it had a real feel of graduation. I felt that because I couldn't rely on "see you next time" that keeping the connections going were all up to me. All the lessons learned from this experience can not be really contained in a little post, but I will say this, that whenever you get an invite or stumble across something that inspires you just jump in and go for it. 




















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The magic of CAMP

June 12, 2017

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