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Exclusivity is a Construct

July 13, 2017



The idea that there is any type of limitation on what you can do and who you can work with is an idea completely made up in order to keep a power over you. 


When any person or company creates exclusivity, they are most likely doing it for the benefit of themselves not for the other party. For example, when a club has a velvet rope and a line out the door that club appears to have value but the people waiting in that line don’t actually receive anything in turn.


I’ve lived in Los Angeles long enough to know that everyone wants to be desired and sought after, and by stating that you have to follow rules or be exclusive with that brand is a construct made to control you. You do not benefit from this, even if all the distractions tell you otherwise.

 Photo Background by Samantha Santana


Another example is take an carpenter who is an independent contractor. An interior designer may hire him for a project and pay him for his work. Since that carpenter is very trained and talented, that interior designer would definitely benefit from working with him exclusively. But the carpenter get offers from multiple interior designers and chooses to take on jobs from multiple designers. Obviously the designer in this example would benefit from exclusivity but the carpenter would not.


This idea crosses over to independent contractors in every field. By knowing your value and remaining open to work with companies across the board in your field you will have more opportunities. Scarcity is a mind set as well as abundance, if you believe that things are limited then you will instinctively act as if that's true. If you have abundance mind set you will see that access, jobs, and opportunities are endless. If you believe opportunities are endless, you will realize that exclusivity is simply a construct that creates limits.



"If you believe opportunities are endless, you will realize that exclusivity is simply a construct that creates limits."


I've formed this opinion by research on available sources online, I'm not claiming to be an expert in any type of law, but I think that independent contractors that are trained in a special skill, should be able to work freely with multiple companies and should get jobs based on merit and expertise rather than operating under binding contracts. This idea really only applies to independent contractors rather than part-time or full time employees for many reasons. 


I think that opening up communication towards collaboration is the key to make things last in the world. No one can succeed alone or by creating scarcity. Be brave, stick your neck out and stand up for what you want.















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