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The Art of being a Multi-Passionate

March 13, 2018

My elevator pitch was always long winded and confusing. What did I do for work? What am I excited about? What am I working on? All of these simple questions, were turning in to major sources of anxiety. 


Thanks to the super smart and talented, Baily Hancock, I discovered and embraced the term Multi-Passionate. What I take it to mean is that I have a few different avenues of work which I'm equally passionate about.  Let me dive into the details of each of mine and how they tie in together.


As a long time elite synchronized swimmer (humble brag I have two National Champion Rings) I wanted to continue to perform but not in a rigid competition way. A few L.A. synchro friends and I decided to collaborate with Aquabatix. Based in the UK and fueled by the 2012 London Olympics they are elite swimmers creating bespoke aquatic entertainment. Every time I jump in the water with them I feel respected and inspired. This is my "passion" project in that I do it when and where I can but is definitely fueled by my love of being in the water. 


Event Coordination ties into synchro because while I was performing at an event I was inspired by all the coordinators that hired us. The chaos and improv of event coordination really drew me in. Working with Say I Do to Details has given me opportunities that I never had access to previously. The Say I Do team also has a few exciting projects in the works. I love think as wedding planning rather as a way to create the most memorable day of your life, for all the right reasons. The flexibility of event planning also helps me in the art of being a multi-passionate. 


Marketing for Michael Smith Inc. started as a means to an end, ie: health insurance, but turned into a complete passion. I never knew that I had an eye and desire for interior design, but after being exposed to one of the most talented designers in the country I couldn't help myself. This practical position was my "paycheck" job that transitioned to another one of my passions. 


All of these are unique and really spark a different part of my brain. And keeping your brain entertained and challenged is what it's really about isn't it? 










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